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Project Management and Initiatives: 


CGC incubates and manages new initiaves focused on ecological restoration, collaborative research and environmental education. 


Current projects managed by CGC include:


The New York Phenology Project, a networked community science initiative focused on climate and urbanization impacts on plants and pollinators. The data is connected to both a national and regional database through the USA-National Phenology Network and is used by scientists, land managers and individuals to inform decision-making and build long-term data sets capable of answering pressing ecological questions. To learn more about phenology click here.



Climate Change Monitoring and Education - Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance (EMMA). CGC is a founding member of this collaborative research and education network and works with the member organizations to implement phenology monitoring and education programs



Plant and Pollinator Monitoring and Restoration at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (JBWR), Gateway National Recreation Area.

CGC has visioned and implemented new initiaves at JBWR that focus on native plant and pollinator restoration and engagement with local teachers and schools. CGC trains teachers, rangers and staff to monitor plant and pollinator phenology, build pollinator gardens and integrate new education programs focused on native plant and pollinator stewardship practices.


Selected past CGC related projects include:


Native Plant Restoration and Education Initiative:

A partnership between the Catskill Center CRISP program and the Ashokan Center focused on community education around invasive species and ecosystem service provided by native plants. After invasive species removal, over 100 understory trees, two large raingardens and mutliple pollinator gardens were planted by students, teachers and community members on the grounds of the Ashokan Center. Interpretive signs were created and installed.


Portland Budwatch:

A citizen-science initiative that tracks a suite of native plants tagged along an urban, residential and forested trail in Portland, Oregon.  


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