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CGC's mission is to build resilient social-ecological networks by catalyzing community science research, education and greenspace initiatives that restore ecosystem services compromised by global change.


The work wholly depends on innovative collaborations with a wide and divergent array of committed partners. CGC is privieged to work with premier institutions who, despite different missions, strategies and tactics, share core values and common purpose.


We understand that to find generative, inspired partners, we must first be that partner ourselves; in seeking mutuality, we must also model it; to build network leadership, we must start with our own leadership. We welcome the opportunity to explore novel ways of collaboration with groups looking to stimulate resilience, research and outreach in areas of ecological importance to our local communities.


Please feel free to contact us if you are seeking conversation partners around network capacity building. it is time for us all to think together and determine ambitious ways to engage and inspire every aspect of our relationship to the social-ecological systems that support us all.








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