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Bioregional Group Work:

CGC is based in the Catskills region of NY in the Mid-Husdon Valley. We are active in collaborative groups that focus on the ecological integrity of our bioregion. 


CGC is an active member/organizer of the following groups:

Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance (EMMA):

Regional network for environmental research and educational collaboration. Founding member

Recent activity: presented collaborative research and education opportunities at quarterly meeting


Catskill Environmental Research and Monitoring Group (CERM):

Recent activity: co-organized regional conference


Catskill Park Coalition: network of organizations focused on conservation and sustainable development of Catskills region

Recent activity: lobbying for resources in Albany, designing new interpretive center


Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Partnership (AWSMP): network focused on healthy Catskill streams

Recent activity: grant reviews, allocating resources, decision making around education and outreach activity




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