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One of our Initiatives: New York Phenology Project

In 2012, CGC catalyzed the New York Phenology Projecta networked community science initiative focused on climate and urbanization impacts on plants and pollinators. Currently, we have 19 organizations actively collecting data with staff and community science observers, with sites at additional organizations under development. To learn more about their phenology programs visit the NYPP site. 


The data is connected to both a national and regional database through the USA-National Phenology Network and is used by scientists, land managers and individuals to inform decision-making and build long-term data sets capable of answering pressing ecological questions. Learn more about phenology here.

Monitoring Sites

The organizations listed below have an established phenology program on site. Each organization has implemented their phenology monitoring program in a way that aligns with their mission and consituent base. Some of them are activley recreuiting citizen scientist observers, while some of them are monitored by staff only. Many are training teachers or working with local school groups. To find out more about each NYPP partner site, click on the links below.

Central and Northern New York


Mid and Lower Hudson Valley


New York City


Long Island


** Members of EMMA (Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance)

*Member Organizations with Sites Under Development

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