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CGC conducts primary research on social-ecological connectivity.  Overarching focal questions include:


What does it take to build resilient social-ecological networks? What are the metrics of success and what methods yield the highest impact? 


A study led by CGC that begins to answer these question can be found here:


Fuccillo K., Crimmins T, deRivera, C, Elder T. (2014) Assessing accuracy in citizen science-based phenology monitoring, International Journal of Biometeorology. 


Our ecological research is focused on plant and pollinator connectivity. Current research questions include:


How does floral composition and diversity influence pollinator diversity and visitation rate? How do different species interact through facilitation via common pollinators 


This research will help us answer questions around how to build effective pollinator resource patchs in urban and residential landscapes. 

Photo by: Kerissa Battle


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