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Consulting Services


It can be challenging for organizations to determine if they have the resource capacity to launch a new research or education program or initiave at their site. CGC helps organizations design programs and initiaves that match their goals and increase their funding potential. The three main areas that we provide services for organizations, schools, municipalities and individuals are outlined below:


Strategic/Organizational Consulting


  • Strategic plan development

  • Facilitating visioning sessions

  • Training & professional development

  • Site assessments 

  • Budget analysis

  • Content for grant writing

  • Project management/implementation

  • Assessment and Evaluation


* for more information on our consulting services see Battle Strategic


Educational Consulting


  • Curricuculm devleopment-  formal and informal education

  • Developing education-based stewardship/resotration projects

  • Aligning education programs with core mission/funding streams

  • Training and professional developement


Land/Project-based Consulting


  • Habitat & garden design and implementation

  • Stewardship and restoration projects

  • Adding ecological value to urban/residential landscapes

  • Building plant lists

  • Habitat assessment and evaluation









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